Mihir Shah

Developmental Editing
Line Editing
Manuscript Assessment

Poetry, Spiritual, Self-Help, Business, Memoir, Young Adult,
Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction

The word is humanity’s heartbeat. Over the past two decades, Mihir has lived by this unyielding belief, writing and editing content including, but not limited to poetry, press releases, book reviews, op-ed articles, major league baseball game summaries, academic writing, and articles from Paragon House Publishing spanning art history, cinema, religion (Christianity), and the history of sports. and articles from Paragon House Publishing spanning art history, cinema, religion (Christianity), and the history of sports.

As the head counselor and editor of HS2 Academy’s college counseling firm, Mihir takes immense pride in developing the stories of several hundred high school and college students annually into a raw and authentic package worthy of presentation to admissions committees throughout the world. Having received a B.A. in Literature/Writing from the University of California, San Diego, many stories he has edited have taken the form of poetry, while others have been creative nonfiction. Within the story, he has noticed how the author’s voice gets stifled; it is his mission to ensure that this voice always shines through, whether that is by clearing out clunky syntax, hunting for the most potent themes, or simply providing a pathway for the author to be more vulnerable to the target audience.

Mihir strongly believes that every writer has a meaningful story to share. As both a developmental and line editor, he strives to work closely with the author, to dive beneath the surface and find unique angles and perspectives that will make the narrative stand out. With his students having gone on to prestigious MBA programs, prominent medical schools, and well recognized undergraduate universities, Mihir insists that each story is about self-discovery.

To step onto the canvas of the author’s mind following manuscript completion is a privilege unlike any other; honoring this sincere effort with zeal, collective collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of delivering a meaningful product is my mission.

Favorite Authors: Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Campbell, William Shakespeare, Rupi Kaur, Maya Angelou, Rabindranath Tagore, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nicholas Sparks, Hans Christian Anderson, Viktor Frankl, Robin Sharma, Dan Brown, John Green, Hugh Howey, Brandon Sanderson

"The only thing greater than Mihir’s incredibly diverse knowledge base and versatility was his commitment to fully understanding my story. He brought my voice to the forefront in ways I never could have imagined while removing the clutter from my work and leaving the good stuff behind."

- Rachit Doshi, Undergraduate Personal Statement, Medical School Application, and Residency Statements

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