Joyce Jacobo

Developmental Editing
Line Editing
Manuscript Assessment

Children's Books, Middle Grade Readers

Joyce has a soft spot in her heart for children's literature, finding it an especially creative genre that entertains and gets younger audiences interested in reading. One of her fondest memories as an editor is helping to edit and proofread Brooke Hampton's Enchanted Cedar, an illustrated children's book that has since been published through many venues. She is also an active creative writer who participates in writing communities such as DeviantArt and WordPress, submitting works for review and offering feedback on the works of others to strengthen them. In a similar vein, her pieces have appeared in publications such as the San Diego Poetry Annual, Scribes*MICRO*Fiction, and Creative Gems.

I believe the best editors approach the works of others as fellow writers. They should focus on helping to get across the story the writer wants to tell as clearly as possible, while also providing advice that person will hopefully find useful in the future—almost like a creative writing workshop where the strengths and possible areas of improvement for a piece get pointed out. Writing a story takes time and effort, and as a writer and editor, I always keep that in mind.

Favorite Authors:Cornelia Funke, Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Joyce twice, once for a manuscript assessment and once for developmental editing. In both instances I was impressed with her responsiveness, her insights, and editorial skill. She significantly improved my book. I highly recommend her editorial services."

- Gael McCool, Am I Weird?

"Working with Joyce has been amazing. She did a wonderful job of mixing constructive comments with encouraging ones, so I never felt overwhelmed with the amount of red on the page. With her help, my story has been taken to the next level!"

- Sarah Mullock, Tiny, Giant Snowflakes

"Thank you to my new friend Joyce Jacobo for her assistance in editing this book, and her wonderful suggestions."

- Brooke Hampton, Enchanted Cedar

"I can say that it was a great experience. From the moment we began working together, Joyce demonstrated a thoughtfulness and dedication to my project. Joyce has a comprehensive approach to editing. She started with insightful developmental edits, providing useful suggestions to enhance the story’s structure and overall flow. With a strong attention to detail and keen eye for grammar, she also made line-edits throughout the text. In some cases, she explained certain craft elements or grammar rules via comments. Joyce has a constructive and encouraging nature. I found her feedback to be uplifting and motivational. It was refreshing to receive positive comments, as she took the time to highlight the strengths of my work, pinpointing where the story excelled and where revisions had successfully improved it. Additionally, her suggestions on how to rewrite certain sentences were terrific, helping me refine my storytelling and capture the essence of my target audience. I can’t thank her enough for her support and expertise. If you are searching for an editor who truly cares about your project and provides both guidance and encouragement, Joyce is the perfect choice. "

- Dustin Grinnell, The Little Lions

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