Carolyn Davis

Developmental Editing
Line Editing
Manuscript Assessment

General Fiction, Nonfiction, Historial Fiction, Series Fiction, Children, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Fantasy Mystery, Business, Memoir, Sports, Humor, Research

An editor and proofreader for several years, Carolyn has edited/copyedited manuscripts, dissertations, and academic theses for publication, as well as commercial publications including novels and memoirs. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, she conducted a national research project of the agencies in Jamaica, which led to textbook for ABC-CLIO Publishers, How to Write Persuasively Today, inspiring social and legislative change. Most recently, she copyedits for Quadrant.

I attempt to evince the author's voice and help to clarify what is being said in ways that best tell the story and make the characters live. Good plot development enhances character development, and good character development enhances plots.

Favorite Authors: Elizabeth Morrow, E.B. White, T.H. White, Kenneth Boulding, Robert Goldsborough

"[Carolyn] does freelance copy editing for Quadrant Journal. She has a long standing relationship with McFarland Publishers and recently freelanced for Chiron Publications, in addition to editing for me. ... On a whim in the 1980's, I decided to write two novels. What I knew about the basics of writing would not have filled up a thimble. ... Carolyn performed line and copy editing... She made herself available 24/7. I was grateful for her help."

- Carol Desforges, The Pinning & Behind Closed Doors

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