Barbara Bamberger Scott

Line Editing
Manuscript Assessment

Nonfiction "with a human face" (religion, biography, sociology, self-help, philosophy, memoir); Poetry and the philosophies and perspectives immersed within it; Historical Fiction—stories rooted in the past and brought to life through the author's research and imagination.

As an award-winning wordsmith and lifelong student of language, Barbara has been editing, reviewing, critiquing, authoring and co-authoring books for more than twenty years. After receiving professional training in the art of editorship, she launched a writing website through which she analyzes book competition entries in consultation with the authors, and awards yearly prizes. She edits, reviews, and analyzes hundreds of books each year; her work can be seen on the internet, in local newspapers, on, and on her international women’s website, A Woman’s Write.

From 1980 to 1994 Barbara lived, studied, worked, and traveled in England, Botswana, Spain, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Sweden, and India, giving her special perspective on widely varying peoples, cultures, spiritualities, languages, and sociopolitical scenarios. Her day jobs have included employment assistance, college teaching, and counseling adults with intellectual disabilities—garnering and utilizing skills that translate to the kinds of assistance she gives to both new and practiced writers in her role as editor.

I believe that understanding, analyzing and correcting language usage and nuance are skills for which I was groomed from an early age by my highly articulate and upwardly aspiring parents, so editing is an activity I especially enjoy. Too, my extensive experience as a book reviewer naturally gives me a firm perspective of a book's general tone, direction and organization. I promise the authors I work with that I will read their work with the same diligent enthusiasm with which they wrote it, having been an author myself and knowing the sweat and toil that writing a complete book requires. As a line editor I take it as my duty to offer specific, meticulous guidance for details that need change or improvement, transforming the proffered prose from a personal, subjective project into a highly readable, potentially saleable product.

Favorite Authors: Maya Angelou, Hannah Arendt, J. D. Salinger, Anne Frank, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kamala Markandaya, and C. S. Lewis.

"Barbara's sharp editing eye, along with her insights, suggestions, and encouraging words have made my work so much better!"

- Kelly Z. Conrad, Shaman, and The Passage

"Barbara Bamberger Scott provided a timely, meticulous, and very helpful edit of my first novel. I found her friendly professionalism of great benefit to a beginner author such as myself."

- Averil Drummond, Gloam

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