Anita Lock

Developmental Editing
Line Editing
Manuscript Assessment

Popular Fiction, Historical Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Paranormal, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Dystopian, Young Adult Fiction, Memoir

My topmost priority for editing is to help writers achieve their literary dreams. That is Anita Lock’s aim when working with authors. Her fifteen-year experience started with an emphasis on children’s and YA literature during her light editing days and Masters of Library Science (MLS) degree studies. Still, it quickly broadened to comprise several adult fiction genres as she ventured into the literary world.

As a longtime freelancer, Anita’s multi-level involvement has expanded into book reviewing and award judging, which has enhanced her editing perspective by viewing stories through different reader lenses. She honed her editing skills working with small publishing companies and directly with independent authors. Her editing experience is a balanced mix of developmental (sometimes viewed as manuscript evaluation) and line editing.

Anita’s down-to-earth philosophy toward editing is about teamwork. I liken the production of a book to pregnancy. An author’s story is like a mother nurturing her expectant child instead of blindly relying on doctors and nurses to "breathe life" into the finished product. So too, authors shouldn’t thoughtlessly rely on editors to complete their prized work.

Anita’s engaging back-and-forth editing process is why authors enjoy working with her. She often refers to her favorite authors to highlight specific literary techniques, such as J. K. Rowling (character and plot development), Stephen King (storytelling), and Erik Larsen (tying history and crime).

Favorite Authors: Michael Bowe, Michael Scott Garvin, Holly Brandon

"Thanks for making me a better writer"

- Holly Brandon, Life in the Chastity Zone
& Nothing’s As It Seems

"You are a wise woman!"

- Michael Scott Garvin, Aunt Sookie and Me
& Ophelia’s Room

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